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They called and said they where from windows and there was a problem and needed to fix it. I said I have a friend who can fix this. Then he got rud and said he would block my windows. I said bye and hung up


Indian guy saying something wrong witih my computer


I do not open this type of scam mail


Pretending to be the IRS to collect a debt or go to jail.


received from someone claiming to be with PCH


Got a call from this number. When I picked up, I didn't say anything, and I got a message, "Hi, I'm Amy, and I'm a financial advisor..." then it cut off.


I got a call from here


Received a phone call from 876-458-2793. They just left a message on my cell phone. I did not return their call. I do NOT want anymore calls from them. When she said what business she was calling from, I couldn't understand her.


Called and said they were from County Legal Services and that they are going to serve me papers tomorrow at my home or business between a 2 hour window and if I am not there a bench warrant will be issued for my arrest. I do not have any bad loans, tax or legal issues so this is just fraud and harassment. After they called my cell, they called my mom's cell and her home number and said the same thing! It's ridiculous! Why can't anyone do anything to stop these people?


My wife got a popup warning about malware, and saying to call 1-866-712-6169 or go to Presumably a scam (why would Microsoft dedicate their main page to a problem with one person's computer?)


Claims I have won 2,000,000 from Mercedes Benz? Wants me to send $50.00. When I hang up, he calls right back repeatedly. Had to block #.


Got call from unknown number, didn't answer called right away again, no message left. a few minutes later my ex-daughter-in-law called with a number and reference number to call. Said she was listed as a reference for me. I have never used her as a reference for anything, even when she was married to my son. I am not going to bother to call them. They could have left me a voice mail. Must be a scam.


Caller ID says the call came from: 911-131-3834. Caller says his name is "Jake" and he is with "Tech Squad." He says my computer is downloading malicious software and would I please to go to my computer, turn it off and he will tell me what to do. I asked if I could call him back and to please give me his telephone number. He gave his phone number as 877-753-9167.


Calls daily saying they have fax documentation to deliver to me and it's my last chance to contact them. No company name, recorded call that says her name is Jennifer Brooks. Even called my employer. I'm sure it's some kind of scam, legitimate collectors will generally send something by mail. Obviously this place has my address if they have my phone #. They can do sent me something if I truely owe, which to my knowledge I don't owe any past debts.


Called for my husband and insisted on verifying his social. Last 4 digits and would never tell me what it was for




Scam scam scam they want a check for 500$ so they can send you 2.5 million dollars told my 88 yr old uncle to keep it quiet so it will be a surprise


The message indicates that unless I return the call immediately, the IRS will file tax liens in court on me immediately.


Good afternoon, I received an unknown text at: 11:23 am on 4/13/16. From this number: 1-855-619-9634. The text message that was sent said... It's Dan the Handyman I think you've used our service in the past Can I give you a FREE estimate for any home repair you may need? If not, sorry I bothered you I personally believe this is a scam/spam because I Do Not know whom this person is Nor Do I recognize this number.


They called for someone else but tried to get my social security number also claimed she was with "Litigation Offices of VPS", number was in Bay Minette, AL. I tried to find the office name and number online and nothing comes up.


be aware this is voicephishing


This is a # that calls and says they are entering litigation with you because you are being sued by someone. They ask for the last 4 of your social. Do not give it and they hung up.


Robot call stating trying to locate person because of loans never taken out. This has been reported to my local sheriff department.


Why is this number calling me?!?!


person said i qualified for a 5 thousand dollar loan from advance america. Scam


Beware... I just got this same type of call. Said that there was a lawsuit pending in another state and there was an arrest warrant out and my immediate supervisor was going to be notified. My husband also got the same type of call only his was because he was listed as the emergency contact. Name and Last 4 of SS# were not even close to what mine are.


I ré even à call from this number, he want to know my name but he didnt want to give me his name...I think it,s weird.


Called my husband and said that I needed to call them immediately or they are calling my supervisor to talk about a lawsuit against me in another state. Wouldn't leave a business name but the caller said his name was John Swift.


SCAM!!! bEWARE. Company does not identify themselves. Say they are filing lawsuit. It appears to be based out of Iowa when you reverse the number not sure how accurate that is. They called my client who is being represented by a real attorney. Attorneys do not solicit business via a cell phone.


Who is this


No idea who is calling from this number. The message says 'press 3 to discontinue service'. I called them back once thinking someone had left an incomplete message, so I left them a message. Now, they call often leaving the "to discontinue service" blurb.


That number comes in they then tell you to call 1-855-383-1807, Nancy Ext. 1321


Get a call from this number about twice a week, always between 9:30 am and 11:00 am. Let it ring 3x, as no name comes up on my call display. The 3rd ring is the last one. Once I picked up on the 2nd ring and heard people talking to each other, but no response to my "hello's". I wish these idiots would quit calling me!!!


call and call and leave no message


I believe this number is a scam 855 226 7622


They offered a prize and when I wouldn't play along called me a birch mother fucker and threatened to kill me.


IRS Scam tax evasion


Received this number on my cell phone. Location says it is Kingston, Jamaica. No message was left.


Just surprised this number is still active... I would have thought the film company would have kept it for, like, eternity and put a message about the Casino film and for newer movies. Just thinking....


Message refers to a federal crime and magistrate court. Wanting you to let them help you, i just deleted it but am tired of getting fake calls.


Called telling me that I have 3 cases against me, needed to pay or get a lawyer. told me good luck then hung up on me, I called back and she went off on me a women by the name of Nancy.. I told her she needed to watch herself and to give me more information, I than explained that I worked for the Sheriff's Office and she called me a liar and hung up on me.... Scammers


This number was included as a contact number on paperwork sent to me for a "Secret Shopper" job. I was very suspicious of this "job" when I received the "assignment" package that included only a single sheet of paper that was not on any company letterhead and no company name or logo with my "instructions" on how to complete the "evaluation" of Wal-Mart's Money Gram service and a cashiers check in the amount of $2850. The instructions were to deposit the cashiers check in my account and purchase a cashiers check in the amount of $40 ,made out to Savage Mills and email a scanned image to [email protected] and then hold on to it and after I complete my "assignment" I would be provided an address to mail it to. Then I was supposed to withdraw $2500 and "head straight to" the 1st Wal-Mart I chose to "evaluate" and send $1250 to Margaret Morrison and then go to the 2nd Wal-Mart and send $1250 to James Ward. I was instructed to use the 10 minute service and then email confirmation information to [email protected] This "instruction" sheet is full of miss spellings and grammar mistakes that just screams out "SCAM...SCAM...SCAM..." I promptly took the envelope, the "instructions" and the cashiers check to the police department and turned it over to them.




On my tablet trying to watch a movie on Free Movies Unlimited app. Clicked on the movie to watch on another "server" which opened Microsoft Edge. Up popped a "pop-up" screen that spoke that my computer was infected with spyware (or something similar) and I needed to call this number to fix it. I should not use my computer until it is fixed because all my information is at risk, etc.


2016-02-22 at 2:39 AM: got a phone call from 514-952-9987 (cell phone), no one answered back or leave a message


Hi would like more info on this number. Thx


I got a fax from this requesting to buy diabetic supplies and asked for a huge order. I declined I think they want to buy with a fake credit card. Pls Pls do not respond to this number . The senders name is Julie Vann


got a text saying i used uber and credit card was being charged...i texted back saying that i did not use service...was given 1800 number to call to registar concerns or complaints...texted them again saying you are texting wrong number ....was called a variety of names and told to just pay the bill....told them I didnt have a credit card and blocked texts...15 seconds after blocking texts I got three phone calls in rapid succession which I declined to answer....checked credit statement online and no charges were registared


A person calls from this number and will not give any specific info as to who they are & what they want..only that they have time-sensitive info..with all the scams out there, I'm just not willing to give any info, w/out at least a verifyable co. name..


Received a call from this number for someone else. They sound like some sort of collection agency. I didn't answer. The caller did leave a message. I called the number the caller referenced in his message and no one answered.

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